We provide a high standard of specialist knowledge and independent, expert advice and services in the fields of built environment and infrastructure asset management, risk management and safety as well as security-minded approaches.

A Luck Associates What we do

Asset management

Asset management is a strategic approach which identifies the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of an asset to meet the need of current and future users. In the case of infrastructure, with finite and often decreasing budgets, such an approach becomes even more important to mitigate against risk to user and worker safety, and risk to the asset’s availability.

We work alongside asset owners and managers in development and implementation of robust, proportionate and auditable asset management policies, processes and procedures which enable the organisation’s strategic and operational objectives to be met.

We also conduct auditing of documentation and practices to assess whether an organisation’s obligations and objectives are being delivered.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of any built environment and infrastructure project, as well as long- term asset and information management. To implement a robust and effective strategy to manage that risk, it is vital to assess the likelihood and nature of harm which could be caused, before assembling a portfolio of mitigation measures which are pragmatic, appropriate, cost effective and commensurate with the risk appetite which exists.

We advise and assist in the development and implementation of appropriate and proportionate risk management systems to control and minimise risk and to defend claims against alleged failure.

We also conduct auditing and review of documentation and procedures and recommend improvement actions where necessary.

 Expert witness work

A Luck Associates provides independent expert advice in the areas of highway asset and risk management, highway maintenance and safety including:

Road surface skid resistance and defects
Placement and maintenance of assets within the highway
Traffic management and traffic calming
Inspection and response systems
Road works & Winter maintenance

We can prepare court compliant Expert Witness reports and give evidence in Court if required, undertaking work for Coroner’s Inquests as well as civil and criminal cases.

Alexandra Luck is a 1st Tier Expert in the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, a Member of the Expert Witness Institute and holds both The Cardiff Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Civil and Criminal Certificates. She has considerable experience in the fields of road safety, and highway asset and risk management, as well as an excellent understanding of highway authority duties, powers and responsibilities.


Safety is about preventing the creation of harmful states which may lead to injury or loss of life or unintentional environmental damage. Incidents can arise as a result of human error, environmental factors, physical or system issues, or a combination of these. However, the design of systems and the extent which it takes into consideration relevant environmental factors can impact of the occurrence of human errors.

We can help with developing holistic safety measures which take into consideration behavioural, environmental and system factors, to decrease the likelihood of an incident occurring or to reduce its severity.

Security-minded approaches

Through the adoption of an appropriate, proportionate, security-minded approach to the handling and management of data and information, organisations are better able to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours and activities, and in so doing, deliver the trustworthiness, safety and security of its assets.

To be truly effective such an approach needs to be holistic, addressing security around aspects of people and business process, as well as physical and technological security.

We provide consultancy services including advice, auditing and training on the development and implementation of a holistic security-minded approach to:

asset management
building information modelling
digital built environments
intelligent transport systems
and the management of information.


We provide training in:

Asset management
Risk management
Security-minded approaches
Investigation of incidents

We also work with the Police, highway authorities and consultants, supplying training, workshops and advice on highway factors in road traffic collisions, including highway authority duties and powers where the condition of the highway or its assets has been considered as contributing to a collision or its severity.

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