Asset management

Asset management is a strategic approach which identifies the optimal allocation of resources for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of an asset to meet the need of current and future users. In the case of infrastructure, with finite and often decreasing budgets, such an approach becomes even more important to mitigate against risk to user and worker safety, and risk to the asset’s availability.

It is important for those with responsibility for the management of any asset to have in place robust systems which enable them to have knowledge of: the nature of the asset; the service it is intended to provide and use made of it; its condition; changes made; the number and nature of incidents; and any other influences on its performance.

We work alongside asset owners and managers in development and implementation of robust, proportionate and auditable asset management policies, processes and procedures which enable the organisation’s strategic and operational objectives to be met.

We also conduct auditing of documentation and practices to assess whether an organisation’s obligations and objectives are being delivered.