Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of any built environment and infrastructure project, as well as long-term asset and information management. To implement a robust and effective strategy to manage that risk, it is vital to assess the likelihood and nature of harm which could be caused to: personnel and other occupants or users of an asset and its services; the asset itself; asset information; and/or the benefits the asset exists to deliver, be they societal, environmental and/or commercial. The identified risks must then be managed by an organisation and its supply chain using a portfolio of mitigation measures which are pragmatic, appropriate, cost effective and commensurate with the risk appetite which exists.

In order to maintain the relevance and validity of the process it is also essential to have a programme of monitoring which assesses the effectiveness of the mitigation measures in place. It must also identify and evaluate any new risks that impact on assets and/or information, or which have changed for political, economic, social, technological, legal or environmental reasons.

We advise and assist in the development and implementation of appropriate and proportionate risk management systems to control and minimise risk and to defend claims against alleged failure.

We also conduct auditing and review of documentation and procedures and recommend improvement actions where necessary.